Nautical Company in l'Escala

As a Nautical company, we aim to offer you the best new and used boats on the market.


Nautical l’Escala

If you’re visiting the picturesque town of L’Escala looking for a reputable boat-selling and renting company, Nautica Borrat is your top choice in the stunning Costa Brava region. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, our nautica in Escala offers a comprehensive range of top-quality boats to cater to every boating enthusiast’s desires.

Nautica Borrat’s decades of experience in the business enable us to provide exceptional assessment, ensuring you find the perfect boat that aligns with your specific requirements. Moreover, Nautica Borrat takes care of all the essential legal paperwork, including insurance, permits, and more, so you can enjoy your new or rental boat with complete peace of mind.

Premium Boat Selling and Support from Nautica Borrat

When it comes to premium boat selling, our nautica in Escala is your best and most reliable choice providing a wide range of options and professional expertise to guide you in every step of the process. We have exclusive partnerships with top brands, offering an array of elite boats that optimize function and style. Our professional staff will ensure your investment aligns with your boating needs.

After you’ve acquired your boat, we’ll continue to provide after-sales support and reliable maintenance services, guaranteeing your boat remains in top condition for years to come.

Best Boat Rental Services accessible from Escala

For those seeking to embrace the joy of boating without the commitment of ownership, our nautica in Escala offers unparalleled boat rental services accessible from Escala. With an extensive fleet of boats catering to every taste and preference, we ensure that all boating enthusiasts can partake in the exhilarating experience of sailing on the Costa Brava’s azure waters. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely cruise, an adrenaline-pumping speedboat adventure, or a fishing expedition, Nautica Borrat has you covered. Our dedication to providing top-tier customer service means that you can trust us to deliver an unforgettable and seamless boating experience.