Nautical Company in Girona

As a Nautical company, we aim to offer you the best new and used boats on the market.

Nautical Company Girona

Our nautical in Girona is the premier choice for boat selling services in the Costa Brava region with its main operation center in Gualta and other locations deployed throughout the Costa Brava. With decades of experience in the business, we offer expert assessment to make it easy the process of finding your ideal boat. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a first-time boat owner, Nautica Borrat provides a seamless and enjoyable boat-buying experience.

Premium Boat Selling in Girona

At Nautica Borrat, we take pride in offering access to an extensive range of boat options, including both new and pre-owned boats such as yachts, sport boats, Gozzos, Llauts, and semi-inflatables. As a leading nautical in Girona, we exclusively work with top brands, enabling us to provide our clients with exclusive deals on reputable names such as Beneteau, Monterey, Fratelli Aprea, Galeón, Marinello, and MV-Marine. With such a diverse selection, you can be sure to find your dream boat with us.

Nautical Service and Consultant in Girona

Apart from our top-notch boat-selling services, our nautical in Girona also offers a comprehensive range of additional assistance. Our team of experts is well-equipped to provide the following services:

  • Technical service
  • Fiberglass and painting repair workshop
  • Boat Winterization
  • Transportation
  • Nautical carpentry
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Stainless steel workshop
  • On-site testing pools
  • Nautical Management

Nautica Borrat Additional Services

Beyond our boat selling process, Nautica Borrat goes the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind and convenience. Our comprehensive range of additional services includes handling all the necessary legal paperwork, permits, and insurance requirements, ensuring that you can enjoy your boat safely and with full compliance. With Nautica Borrat, you can embark on your nautical adventures with confidence, knowing that everything has been taken care of professionally and efficiently.