Nautical Company in Llafranc

As a Nautical company, we aim to offer you the best new and used boats on the market.


Náutic Llafranc

At Nautica Costa Brava, we offer a variety of services for nautical enthusiasts in Llafranc for different types of vessels, aiming to ensure that all users can access a range of options to meet their expectations for their boats.

Clearly, our services are not limited to just the aesthetic aspects of the vessel; we also provide technical services in various areas.

Moreover, our offerings are not just limited to the sale of new pleasure boats. Clients also have the option to choose from pre-owned boats, which can be rented for a specific period for recreational activities and more.

Additionally, we offer a variety of engine brands, allowing buyers to select the one that best fits their needs and thereby ensuring the quality and safety of their vessel.

Boat Sales in Llafranc

When purchasing a boat, it is essential to know that there are different types available, each tailored to the specific needs of different users, depending on the nautical experience one is seeking in Llafranc.

For those looking to buy rather than rent boats, we provide advice for choosing the most suitable vessel, to ensure it meets the buyer’s demands and requirements.

Furthermore, for those wishing to modify or improve certain aspects of their boats, we also offer additional services such as fiberglass repair and painting, pneumatic upholstery, nautical carpentry, general repairs, and even a selection of nautical accessories for the vessel.

Nautical Services and Consultancy

Obviously, buying a boat in Llafranc involves certain legal aspects that must be certified and usually require navigation insurance. For this reason, our additional services include all types of advice and management regarding nautical insurance.

We also provide other important functions such as boat transport and winter storage, technical service, and boat maintenance, considering these are essential to maintain the optimal conditions required for safe sailing.

All these services at nautical Llafranc are available for various brands of boats in the market, as we have skilled personnel capable of working on different types of vessels, whether they are sport boats, motor launches, sailing boats, or even traditional motorboats made of fiberglass or wood.