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History of MV Marine

MV Marine is a leading manufacturer of semi-rigid inflatable boats (SRIs). MV Marine was founded in 1994 by engineer and sea enthusiast Vincenzo Nappo. The expertise he gained in years of navigation and nautical camping played a vital role in launching their first prototype, the MV700. The launch became a success and gained recognition due to its functionality and excellent qualities for navigation.

Today is recognized as one of the premier SRI brands in the world. The company’s boats are used by militaries, first responders, and recreational boaters around the globe. MV Marine is dedicated to continuing its tradition of excellence and innovation in the SRI market.

Why buy a semi-rigid inflatable boat MV marine?

Mv Marine boats are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge construction techniques, so you can be sure they will withstand the rigors of use. The boat’s design goes through careful study optimization offering plenty of space, and comfort for the passenger and those at the helm. In addition, the hull’s design and construction achieve high performance and reduced consumption. The quality build of these boats also translates into a high durability and low maintenance boat.

As authorized dealers, we proudly offer an extensive range of MV-Marine semi-rigid inflatable boats (SRIBs) that are perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you’re looking for a boat for fishing, diving, or simply exploring, we have an SRIB that will suit your needs.

We invite you to check out our selection of MV-Marine boats. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect boat for your needs. Our team of experts at Nàutica Borrat is always on hand to offer advice and answer all your inquiries.